All About the Philippines

MABUHAY! Due to it’s strategic location and unique geography, the Philippines is rich in culture, colorful traditions, authentic dishes and beautiful beaches. The country has a very unique flora and fauna that enamored not just the locals but a lot of visitors as well.  The Philippines is also regarded as a MUST destination for people looking for heritage sites.

These are the reasons why the country receives many visitors from all over the world yearly.

We, at All About the Philippines would like to be part of your stay here in the Philippines through providing basic tips and information about the things you need to know while you are in the country. We have unique and quality articles that tackle things you need to know about the country like Filipino cuisines, cultures, traditions, beautiful spots, heritage sites, sports information, traffic reports, local weather bulletin, airline and ferry schedules, daily news and  many more.

We even have articles concerning some government transactions (Basically for the Filipino immigrants as well as local Filipinos who wish to travel abroad).

Educate yourself about the ins and outs in the Philippines today through our numerous unique and quality articles! Check out our article database for other information you would like to know about this amazing paradise in the far east!


Salamat po!

All About the Philippines Team!


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